Shara Nova

My Brightest Diamond

Songs in Four Dimensions

Oz is pulling back the curtains on the creative machine. I want to share more of my process with you in a medium that offers a potential for deeper conversation together, and a more rigorous examination of what a song is.

Going forward I’ll continue to share relevant news but, I will also meditate with you on provocations - activations for you and I both - pushing us to think more deeply, live more wildly, and embrace being creative humans. I have a list of ideas, written on a paper with an electric edge, waiting to be shared, but this space will be emerging, as an ongoing conversation with you, shaped by what you want to process together.

Will you join me?

This newsletter will always offer many free components, including many of the provocations, but today I’m introducing an opportunity for you to enjoy and support this journey we’re embarking on as a paid subscriber for more personal access. Your financial support helps me pay for all of my regular expenses, including the time it takes to craft and share this thoughtful content.

As a paid supporter you’ll be sent all of my posts and, in addition to provocations, I plan to share with you poems, songs, teachings, conversations, things I’m enjoying, and more. It will be personal, honest, insightful, strange, and fun. For this engagement I’m asking $5 a month, or $50 a year. I think it is going to be worth it if you have the money to spare, and it’s easy to gift or donate a subscription if you know someone on a tighter budget that might enjoy this.

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